Hudson Appeals Attorney

Face it, everybody is human, and humans make mistakes. Even judges. After a stressful and expensive trial, what you want most is that the court get things right. But sometimes a judge mis-hears something, or forgets something, or simply misinterprets the law. Sometimes, the law governing a particular question simply is not clear. And sometimes, a judge just forgets to include something important, like one spouse resuming a former name.

Although the trial judge can be convinced to correct minor errors in a judgment, sometimes fixing big mistakes requires the help of the Appeals Court, or even the Supreme Judicial Court. The process of an appeal is academic in nature, and focuses on identifying and correcting legal errors that the trial judge might have made. Involvement with the court is often limited to written briefs submitted to a panel of judges, and appearances in court generally are limited to a single oral argument. The process allows Attorney Clark to get his nerd on, and he loves it.

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