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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to advocate fiercely for our clients and help them move forward in their lives, creating positive outcomes from difficult and painful situations.

Divorce is hard. The end of a committed relationship is not much different emotionally than the death of a best friend. Facing the end of a marriage might leave you feeling confused, lost, and completely clueless about the next chapter in your life. This is perfectly normal. This is also where the attorney’s role as counselor looms largest. You will have important decisions to make and some difficult times to live through, and you are entitled to have somebody who will watch your back. We give you space to vent your frustration, keep you focused on the things that are most important, and guide you through this process.

Regardless of how straightforward or complicated your situation might be, we will listen to your concerns, explain the process, and collaboratively plan your strategy, keeping a keen eye toward the best parenting arrangements for your children, managing your assets, and planning the next phase of your life.

At the Law Office of Robert G. Clark, we proudly offer downtown experience with small-town service.



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