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Boiled down to its basic elements, divorce simply means dividing up your stuff, dividing up parenting your kids, and providing for child support or spousal support, including health insurance. How you do these things is where the process gets complicated.

Child Custody

Few issues lead to more conflict (or legal fees) than fights over child custody or parenting arrangements. Unfortunately, courts are poorly equipped to adjudicate parenting schedules. Attorney Clark believes that there is little to gain by fighting over children. Such contests not only drain parents’ financial and emotional resources, but also leave lingering resentment that can impair parents’ ability to work together in the future as well as damage children’s relationships with their parents.


Face it, everybody is human, and humans make mistakes. Even judges. After a stressful and expensive trial, what you want most is that the court get things right. But sometimes a judge mis-hears something, or forgets something, or simply misinterprets the law. Sometimes, the law governing a particular question simply is not clear. And sometimes, a judge just forgets to include something important, like one spouse resuming a former name.

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